My Story with ALS

Stay tuned for updates on my personal story with ALS

Karen Condron

I was diagnosed with Bulbar-Onset ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) in 2013 with indications of speech loss in 2011. The main indication of speech loss in my case was slurred speech. The slurred speech would intensify over the next few years, until I could no longer speak in 2014. Having been a telemarketer for nearly 30 years, I have always relied on my voice heavily. As I was loosing the ability to speak, I looked for other ways of communicating. I quickly embraced typing, and utilized other tools such as a Boogie Board eWriter, and various apps on my iPad. These new found tools gave me the ability to communicate effectively, and am now fully integrated into my daily life.

I have always led a very regimented and physically active lifestyle. I jogged or ran between 2-5 miles per day, every day for over 40 years. Even though I now have physical limitations caused by the progression of ALS, I have not given up on my love of running, and am still able to use the the treadmill and elliptical regularly. Keeping active and continuing with my routine to the best of my ability helps me cope with my limitations.

In addition to painting, Karen continues to exercise, work, volunteer daily at her church, and volunteer with the the Chamber of Commerce. Karen hopes to raise awareness for ALS through her love for watercolor painting.


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