About Karen

Karen Condron

My love affair with art is changing. It has to be.  I’m making paintings in my mind. I’m looking at the details of everything I can see from my wheelchair.  I’m imagining them in strokes, in different shades, moving – not like a Gif moves, more like waves and clouds, like sunlight through the trees.

My life is my ALS.  I don’t want it to be that way.  I want to be me. But ALS has moved in.  I drag it around with me while my husband Jim takes me to the church services I cherish or to the Chamber of Commerce meetings I so enjoy.

As an artist, runner and sales professional, I’m used to pushing constraints aside.  Now I do that by learning Eye Gaze technology.  However, I’m also fighting off the ALS straight jacket by raising money for ALS research.  I’m donating my paintings and prints and attending events to raise awareness and generate funds to eradicate this horrible disease.

Last year, Jim and his colleagues established The Karen Condron Spirit Center for the purpose of raising sustainable revenue for ALS research.  When you buy promotional pens, mugs, caps, and T-shirts, please consider buying from us.  We have over 3000 products on the site and many more if you call us with a request.

To learn more about our mission to end ALS, please read My Story with ALS and visit our online store www.karenspiritcenter.com.

Watercolor Paintings by Karen Condron
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