My Story with ALS

Karen Condron

It started with slurred words. Then the words evolved into a diagnosis: Bulbar-Onset ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). Now those hopeless, incapacitating words have become fighting words.

We studied this disease. Why was there no cure? Why no effective ways to slow it down? Who was studying it and what was their approach? We found the Robert Packard Center for ALS Research at Johns Hopkins and it has changed our lives. We learned that what was needed most of all was truly reliable funding year after year until the new big data research methods can analyze and guide meaningful results.

As a result my husband Jim and his colleagues established a 501(c)(3) foundation named to honor my fight: the Karen Condron Spirit Foundation. Donations to it and money from the sale of my watercolors will go directly to support ALS research.

The Trustees also established a business entity to fund the Foundation. It is a promotional products business drawing on our family’s three decades of experience in this industry. After tax proceeds will be used to fund Foundation donations to accelerate a cure.

To learn more about the amazing collaborative work of the Packard Center, please visit their website: To buy custom products from branded art store plastic bags to holiday gifts and incentive rewards – visit our on-line store


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